SYN Courses

Conducting "Green Card" courses for forest workers, forest machine operators, and forest contractors in Småland and neighboring regions in South Sweden. The courses are designed according to SYN's and the Swedish Forest Agency's guidelines. 

Application of interest or request for an offer could be made by e-mail:

or phone: +46-72 315 1652. 

Text, Photo and Film

Editorial-, home page, brochure, and other texting are also offered, just like photo and film jobs.  

You can see examples of photos and films under the links below. You can also contact us by



Phone: +46-72 315 1652

Lägg till din produktbeskrivning som kommer att vara användbar för dina kunder. Lägg till de exklusiva egenskaperna din produkt har som kommer göra att kunderna kommer att vilja köpa den. Skriv din egen text och designa den i Butik egenskaper på stil fliken

Forestry Inventories

Conducting different types of forestry inventories and quality checks such as environmental issues after felling operations. 

Also, other forestry inventories could be conducted on request. 

Please call or send an e-mail to find out more. 


Phone: +46-72 315 1652

About Pellewood AB

Pellewood AB is owned by me, Per Jonsson. I am a former forest worker and forest machine operator. I have operated harvesters, forwarders, chippers, and other forest machines. I have been a salesman for forestry equipment and am an educated forester. 

Since 2020 I am a freelance forester, educator, and editor. I also do pre-commercial and commercial thinning. In other words, I do the most within forestry. Please contact me if you want to know more. 

Pellewood AB is certified according to PEFC. 




Telephone: +46-72 315 1652




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